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I Love You

A/N: [ Y/D/N : means your date name ] ;)

Zayn: lately all you’ve done was nothing but fighting over all over with Zayn,over the silliest things in life,you two couldn’t spend a day without fighting with each other,and it drove you over the edge,thinking that he might not love you,and that this was the end of this relationship. “Y/N” you heard Zayn call your name loudly after another fight,but you were too busy packing you things while tears were streaming down your face,for some unknown reason you just wanted to leave you wanted to go away “Y/N what are you doing” he asked you slowly as he walked towards you “packing” you answered simply “w-what w-wwhy”he asked you in much lisp while fear was clear in his voice “cause I can’t take it anymore,I can’t fight with you anymore,I’m done,I just can’t do it,I’m leaving” you sobbed loudly “Y/N” he whispered softly “no Zayn I’m leaving” you said simply and you continue what you were doing “please don’t leave me. I LOVE YOU” those three words made you,stronger,they made you want to fight for this relationship to make it better,those three words changed your life.

Niall: it been three months since the first time you meet Niall,at one London’s small parks,and until now you remember how you two meet,and how he tried to flirt with you,you still remember the first time he asked you and the night when he asked you to be his girlfriend,no matter what happened between the two of you,you just can’t forget those memories,because some how deep inside you. You know how much Niall loves you “Y/N” you heard Niall calls you softly as you two cuddled on the couch watching some silly movies in a rainy Friday night “hmm” “I LOVE,I really,really LOVE YOU” Niall said softly as he pulled your shocked body closer to his “I love you too Niall” those was the four words that came out of your mouth before he places his soft lips on yours kissing your passionately.

Liam: cold rainy nights,chilly movies,and lot of snacks,blankets and sleepless night,love and kiss,movies and reality. You never knew that one day you might fall deeply in love with your best friend,you never knew that one day your heart will stop being yours,and you never how that falling in love hurts that much. Feelings that you never felt before,as you stared into your best friend light brown eyes,Those eyes that made your heart melt,those eyes that made your heart beats swiftly. And those lips if his that you dreamed to be pressed on yours. Liam the only name that made your heart fly like a bird,And the only name that made your smile gets brighter. “I don’t want you to go out with Y/D/N” Liam said slowly as he looked deeply into your eyes “why” you asked him softly “I don’t know,I just don’t think he’s a good guy” he said harshly as walked closer to you “oh really and how did you know” you asked him with annoyance “just trust,I know” “I trust you Liam,but I’m going out with him” you said simply as you started to put your heels on “no your not going” he said angrily as he walked towards you “what !? Why” you asked him slowly as you felt his body presses on your “because I LOVE YOU,obviously” he said softly as he looked deeply into yours. Happiness,was the only thing you felt in that moment,knowing that the only person in this world that you love,loves you back “I love you Liam” you whispered softly as you pulled his body closer to your crushing your lips to his.

Louis: hate,everybody hated you,everybody thought that your only dating Louis for his money,that your only dating him for fame. Hate tweets was the only thing that you received on your twitter account,death threats were getting more and more by time,fans managed somehow to ruin your life,they managed somehow to break you down,to make you believe that your nothing,you lost your mind,your life,you lost yourself. You didn’t know what to do to make them love you,what to do to make them stop this shit,to make them leave you alone. They destroyed completely,they made you do nothing but cry over and over. “Y/N what the hell are you doing,didn’t I tell you not to read this shit” Louis screamed harshly as he pulled your laptop from your lap “I was just reading what they are saying about me” you said slowly as your tears started to stream “Y/N” “they hate me Louis,they hate” you whispered slowly as you looked at the ground “well I fucking know that they hate you,but that’s only because they are so stupid,and you know who’s stupid too,it’s you Y/N! Your stupid cause I told you not to read this shit! Didn’t I !!” He yelled harshly as he Throw your laptop on the ground breaking it into two pieces “what the hell Louis,why are you mad at me now” you said slowly as your voice cracked at the end a d tears made their way down your cheeks again “I’m made at you because I care about you,I’m made at you because I told you not to read this shit,I’m mad at you because I hate to see you cry…” “Louis” you whispered “I’m mad at you Y/N because I LOVE YOU” he yelled softly as he walked closer to you hugging you tightly “you love me” you asked slowly as you looked into his deep blue eyes “yes I’m madly in love with you” he said slowly as he leaned slowly pressing his lips to yours kidding you like there’s no tomorrow.

Harry: You know you’ve found true love when you catch yourself falling in love with the same person over and over again - unknown.
Even that you two were over,you couldn’t get him out of your heard,you couldn’t stop thinking about him,he was everywhere.everywhere you look you would see a picture of him,or you would hear his pretty voice on his on the radio. He was unforgettable,he was like your angle,that angle that broke your heart into small pieces,and left you to fix it alone.that angle that choose his life,the fame over you. He was your angle that walked out of your life without saying goodbye,that angle that you couldn’t stop loving him,that you never forget him,he was the one that made your heart beat like a drum,he was that person that you waited him you tell you that he loves you but he never did. He was somehow with you in your past,present and future. “Y/N Wait” you heard the familiar husky voice says as your continue to walk towards your car “please wait” he said again as he walked faster “what do you want” you asked him hardly as you looked into his beautiful green eyes that made your heart melt “em,I wanna tell you that I’m sorry” hr said softly as he locked your eyes with his “sorry for what !? For leaving me!? Or for breaking my heart !? Or for forgetting me !? Or for choosing the fame over me” you screamed loudly causing everybody to look at the two of you “everything Y/N” “oh really,okay fine whatever goodby” you said angrily and started to walk again “wait please,I’m sorry for everything,I’m sorry for leaving you,I’m sorry for breaking your heart,I’m sorry for hurting you so badly,but you have to know that I never forgot about you,your the only thing that I think about day and night,and I’m sorry for giving up on us,I’m sorry for being stupid,and I know that this random,but I miss you,I miss every thing about you,I miss looking into your eyes,kissing your lips,hugging your petite body closer to mine,hearing your voice,I miss you,I miss every single thing about you,I never had those feelings before m,but you made my heart beats fast,and I don’t know what to do,I just want you back” he said softly as he looked into the ground waiting for you up respond “three words,eight letters,say them and I’m yours again” you whispered softly as you looked into his greenish-blue eyes “I LOVE YOU” he whispered softly as he walked towards you swiftly “I love you Y/N” he said again as he tugged you into a tight hug pulling your body closer to his,breath your sweet scent “I love you too and I will always will” you whispered sweetly into his ears before he crushes his soft plumped pink lips on your kissing your hungrily yet with passion.

Ps: sorry for any mistakes ;) and btw I love this preference ;) please remember request ;) ❤

Your nothing but a BET 1/5 [ part one ]

Louis: “Y/N” you heard Louis breath heavily as his lips started to leave some random wet kisses on your bare body”mmm” you moaned softly as you felt his soft lips suck your sensitive skin giving you another visible hickey on your neck,before his lips moves once again to your soft lips kissing them sweetly one more time”Y/N” louis said breathlessly as he collapse next to you “hmm” that’s all you managed to say as you felt sore all over your body “i think I love you” Louis whispered softly into your ears as his lips pressed on yours in a passion kiss “hmm I think I love you too” you whispered slowly as you looked into his beautiful bright blue eyes giving him a huge grin “so that’s mean that your my girlfriend,MINE” Louis said slowly as he hugged your bare body closer to his “no that’s mean I’m your boyfriend” you said sassily as you gave me a big smirk “not funny love” “whatever, I’m funny and I know it ” you said sassily and kissed his lips slowly before burring your head in his chest and drifting into a deep sleep, Minutes Louis started to ring loudly causing you to groan in annoyance “what do you want Harry” you heard Louis says angrily as he picked at the phone after few seconds “yes I did it but I don’t need the money,keep your money to yourself mate” you heard Louis says in much anger which caused you to be confused about what he’s talking about “what no,that wasn’t part of the deal,I’m not doing that,I’m not gonna tell her that she was nothing but a BET,whatever goodbye Harry” by the end of Louis little chit chat with Harry your tears were already streaming swiftly down your cheeks,you couldn’t believe what you just heard,but it was obviously true how can a famous boy bander like Louis fall for someone like you,how can a Heartthrob pop star who can get any girl he wants choice you,of course you were nothing to him but a BET “Y/N babe did I wake you up” you heard Louis says softly making you wonder how he can do it,how can he pretend that he cares that much “Y/N” Louis said your name worriedly “Y/N” he said one more time before he try’s to hold your petite body closer to his “don’t fucking touch me” you screamed angrily as you climbed of the bed and started to pick your clothes from the floor “Y/N what’s wrong babe” He asked slowly as he looked at you confused “don’t fucking babe me and stop lying please” you said slowly as your voice cracked at the last part “Y/N please..” “No you listen to me,I thought that your different,I thought that your not like the other guys,those who use the girls for sex,or as a bet,I thought that you felt something for me. But I was wrong I was nothing to you but a BET…” “Y/N I’m..” ” your what !? Huh tell me your what !? You used me,you fucking used me,you betted on me Louis,real mans Louis never do this kind of stupid and careless stuff,real mans Louis treat girls like queen,they don’t use them for sex or bullshits” you sobbed loudly as you made your way toward the front door “Y/N please wait,I-I…” “That’s what I thought,I mean nothing to you,and I will never mean anything to you,how can a famous boy bander falls for a clumsy girl like me” you said slowly as your tears continued to stream swiftly “but do you know whats the problem Louis” you said softly as you looked into his eyes “the problem is that I fall for you,is that I thought that your the guy of my dreams,my angle,the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. Stupid right,well I’m stupid for believing someone like you,I hope your satisfied now,after you won the stupid bet” you said slowly as your voice kept cracking while tears kept streaming down your face swiftly like a streaming river “Y/N” you heard Louis sobs softly but you ignored him ” Y/N” “fuck off Louis” you said harshly as you walked out of his flat,with a broken pride & a broken heart.

Ps: I’m so so sorry if there’s any mistakes,I will edit this part later,I hate my iPod. Anyway request for part two x and I hope you like this part x and the other boys will up soon xx so request ;)

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Of course I will be xx 

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Can i have a link to sexting my bully? I really wanna read it!
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Ok since you are done with you awasome prefernce post drug dealer I've been waiting for a long long time

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Read sexting my bully and it was amazing I couldn't stop reading it!!!

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Sexting My Bully [ teaser ]

"What do you want Styles" she asked him harshly as she tried to avoiding his green beautiful eyes

"You" he simply said as gave her one of his sexy smirks,and walked closer to her,causing her to step back,till her back was pressing on the hall way wall.

"Oh quiet the shit Harry,and tell me what do you really want from me" she snapped at him angrily.but he didn’t seem to mind at all. In fact he seemed turned on.

"You babe. I want you" he whispered Seductively into her ears,as he step closer to her,pushing her small body closer to his.

"Harry,please" she said nervously begging him to step back. But he didn’t.

"I just want to make you feel good Alanna. Let me make you feel good" he said softly as he start kissing her bare neck,leaving love bites all over it.

"H-arr-yyy" she moaned his name sweetly,sending shivers all over his body. Is it possible that this girl,that he hated so much,is the only one who can makes him feel those wired skippers all over his body.

A/N: guys read my new Harry Styles fan fiction on wattpad :)x SEXTING MY BULLY xx
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He compares you to his ex 5/5 [ part two]

Harry { his pov } : I stormed drunkly away from Y/N. ignoring her soft calls. I didn’t want to see her,or hear what she’s going to say,I was too drunk,and I just wanted to rest. I didn’t what got into me,but for sure alcohol was one if the reasons why
I snapped at Y/N. but for haven sake she deserve it. I mean Y/N and I have been together for a six months now,and whenever I ask her if ready,she tells me that she’s not ready and that she wants her first time to be fucking perfect. And it somehow always managed to get on my nervous. I mean my own girlfriend don’t want to have sex with me cause she still thinks that’s she’s not ready,or that she probably don’t trust me,and it hurt me. It hurt me that my six month girlfriend still don’t want me to make love to her,still don’t want me to make her feel good,and still don’t want me to touch her. Even though that I loved Y/N more than I ever loved anybody but she still managed to make me feel like I’m not good for her,she still managed to make me feel like she doesn’t trust me. But no matter how much we fight,I still feel my heart skips a best whenever I’m next to her. Something about her was different from the other girls. Maybe her eyes,sweet lips,hair,smile or even her body,I don’t know.but she was perfect. She was much better that all those girls I dated. Taylor was nothing next to her. Y/N was my babe “Harry mate” Louis voice brought me out if my thoughts “huh” is aid still daydreaming “where’s Y/N” he asked worriedly “Y/N..” I said slowly trying to figure out where is she. When suddenly it hit me the face. Y/N..The Fight..The Pool..
The Pool I drunkly pushed Y/N in the pool forgetting the fact that she can’t swim “oh my gosh” I said as I started to run swiftly toward the back ground where the pool was,”mate where Y/N…” Before he can even finish his sentence I am swiftly jumped into the crowded pool,pulling Y/N’s wet body to the surface “oh my god” I heard Louis says worriedly “what happened” he asked slowly as I laid Y/N’s wet body on the pool cold ground “Harry what happened to her !?” He asked me angrily. “Y/N” I whispered softly as I looked into her lifeless body “oh my gosh,what have I done” I cried out as I tried to shake her small body in order to wake her up “Y/N” I sob loudly causing everybody to look weirdly at me like I some crazy old man egos calling his pigs “give her CPR you asshole” I heard Louis yells angrily,as he stood somewhere in the crowd that was watching me. Slowly I leaned in and start pushing down in the center on Y/N’s chest,pumping hardly and swiftly.trying to get her heart to beat faster,before leaning in and covering her mouth with mine,blowing till her her chest rise.i wanted a little before giving her to long breath that causing her to cough all the water that was in her lungs softly. The crowd started to whistle and scream,causing Y/N to look around her worriedly,before her eyes lands on mine “Harry” she whispered softly her voice cracking from due to what just happened to her “oh my gosh,Y/N” I sobbed as hugged her small wet body closer to mine “Harry,I tried calling you and you didn’t answer,you left me” she said between sobs “I thought that your not gonna come,and that I’m going to drown” she cried harder burring her head in chest “I’m sorry,I’m sorry,this is my fault,I’m sorry I thought that I lost you for a moment” I whispered slowly in her ears while tears were still streaming down my face swiftly “Harry..” “No Y/N I’m sorry,I was drunk,and I was acting stupidly,I just wanted to make you feel good,I just wanted you.i was sailfish.thing about my own only,it’s your decision after all and I was just acting like a total dick” I said breathlessly “Harry” Y/N said softly “I’m sorry cause I made you wait,I guess I was just too scared to lose you,I was too scared that you would get what you want,and leave me alone,just like everybody does. I just wanted to be with you,I wanted our first time to be something,not a drunken mistake that you would forget the next morning. I’m sorry” Y/N sobbed softly as her tears continue to stream down my shirt,for a moment I felt speechless,I just didn’t know what to say,how to apologize,how to make her feel better,I felt the words stuck down my throat. Making talking impossible. “I love you Y/N” I slowly said as I looked at Y/N’s shocked face “you love me” she asked me surprisingly,I nod slowly “I always loved Y/N,since that moment,when my eyes meet yours,I felt deeply in you with you” I whispered softly into her neck as my lips kissed her bare neck softly,causing her to shiver “I love you too” she said softly as slowly placed her soft lips giving me those skippers all over my body,sending a warm feeling in my heart. IS WAS LOVE. What Y/N and I share was something very special. Something that’s going to last Forever. Because Y/N was my one and only. And whatever happens she was always the best.

Ps: oh my gosh I cried while writing this one. So many Harry feels. Gosh Harry is perfect and is one is massively amazing xx hahah xx anyway hope you like this part guys,it was my favorite so far xx send me your opinions and don’t forget to read my new harry styles fan fiction on wattpad [ sexting my bully ] xx and btw drug dealer will be up tomorrow xx much love ❤ and sorry for the mistakes,it will be edited later xx

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Please do Harrys soon!! (: They others were Fantastic!! (: You are a really good writer!

I will love xx and thank you tho xx